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April 2012 Teleconference Minutes

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 05:19 PM


April 14, 2012; 11 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. PST (UTC -8)

Opened with Serenity Prayer

Roll Call:

1. Board members present: George S., Chair; Scott R., Vice-Chair; Jeneane S., Treasurer; Larry A.,

2. A quorum established: Yes

3. Committee Chairs: Omer, Handbook & Translations; Larry, Literature; DiAnne,Distribution Center/Office; Phyllis, Outreach.

4. Introduction of guests: Karen, TN; Mona, Chicago, IL; Peter, NJ; JoAnn, Brooklyn, NY; Margie, OK; Nancy, CA.

Motion to approve the March 2012 ACA WSO Teleconference minutes: Scott moved, and Larry seconded approval of the minutes. Larry specified approval upon correction by adding the word “abroad” to the sentence about “another distribution center”. The Board approved the minutes with the understanding that Joan, who was not available on the call today, would make the correction and update the minutes.

Monthly Reports:

1. ACA/WSO Treasurer: Jeneane S.: Income continues steady, with $36,819 this past month, of which $20,440.42 was from fellowship texts sales; $9464 from workbook sales; and $127,701 on hand. There is now $500 in reserve for future audit and legal needs. Expenses were up for the month primarily due to overtime required for staff implementation of the Shopping Cart program, translations, and printing of texts. Larry quesitoned the written reports showing of the Literature committee having spent $8,000. Jeneane clarified that amount included anything that went to the printer or translation vendors

2. Outreach: Phyllis R. Requests for information were up some. To date the registration for the ABC had 23 people and Europe is well represented in that cont. Over 1,000 meetings around the world now. Phyllis also asked committee chairs to forward their yearly report to her soon so she can include it in the packets at the ABC. She asked about the Agenda for Sunday at the ABC, asking board members to forward anything to her they may have for the agenda. She reported 71 meetings responded to the ballots which will be discussed at the ABC. Larry reported that he asked Martin of the UK, to lead a meeting with the topic of “what has ACA recovery meant to you?” at the ABC

3. Literature Report: Larry A. Reported working with a reputable company to convert the Big Red Book to a digital format. He also has been working on development of two pamphlets that were authorized by an earlier ABC. Those are Cross Talk and Taking a Group Inventory. He also said he sent an email copy of the ACA is… to the point of contacts of the languages recently translated, so they may have a copy.

4. WSO Officer Report: DiAnne A. : She reported unprecedented increase in volume shipped this past month, much of it attributed to the changeover to the Shopping Cart order program, but sales were up in the first half of March also. The work the staff does in the warehouse/office was redistributed, each person is cross-trained in the duties. This has allowed more efficiency in the order/shipping process. Textbooks, workbooks, and paper literature can now be ordered in one order. For the first time an order was shipped to Greece, and the Russian meetings that started about one year ago have now ordered service medallions. UPS orders have been done manually since the beginning of the Shopping Cart, but the technician from UPS is coming to the office next week to help work out the bugs in the interface of the office system and the UPS system. DiAnne reported that overtime was high this past month with the switchover to the Shopping Cart, but her goal now is to reduce the overtime dramatically in the next two weeks.

5. Hospitals and Institutions: Joan B. No report given this month as Joan was not on the call.

6. Website/Database: Scott R.: Scott reported this past month being a very busy time. The Shopping Cart program went live 3/21/12 and sales have increased since that time. Some interface problems have arisen with that program and others used in the office, but those are being worked on. He hopes to revise the paper order form in the near future. He also said ballots need to be returned by 4/15/12, which is tomorrow. The meeting list has grown to 1,035 active registered meeting, 48 of those are new since 3/1/12. He mentioned that there are 16 domain names up for renewal and there is a motion to that effect coming up.
There were 1,200 unique visitors daily this past month, with the most popular viewed items being The Laundry List and FAQ pages. Scott also reported the old Forum is gone from the website now, replaced with the Repository, which will be further updated in the future. The Repository will be used to list meeting minutes and reports from the board, among other things. The Intergroups and meeting lists David has been managing and owns the domain name for, will be transferred to WSO full ownership in the near future. Scott expressed thanks to David for maintaining this important information for so many years. Scott said Kelso has offered his service to assist him in keeping the Internet information updated in the domain and database areas. DiAnne thanked Scott for his 24/7 support and time during the changeover to the new Shopping Cart program of ordering online.

7. Handbook/Translations: Omer: The Danish workbook was shipped to Denmark with expected arrival date of 4/25/12. Is a historic time for the Danish and ACA, as it is the first time for translated ACA materials to be shipped overseas. Final proofs for the Spanish workbooks signed and 1,000 will be printed. Spanish North and South American speakers will verify the BRB in the next 6 months. The Danish BRB is ready to be laid out and proceed to publishing. Russian and Hungarian workbooks are ready to have the translations verified; Polish pamphlets Identity Papers and the Newcomer are ready for publication and posted on the website. Omer and Larry have worked on conversion of the BRB into ebook format for use on a Kindle, etc. The appropriate safeties will be on it. The Russian Identity Papers and Newcomer pamphlets need covers but then are ready to publish.

Larry added that the Booknook people wanted a pdf copy of the BRB which Omer sent them. This company is professional and cooperative with the ACA needs and is getting closer to submitting an estimate for the cost of production of the ebook.

New Business items:


Motion1: Phyllis withdrew her motion since she learned that she can direct questions from people about literature, that come to the Outreach email, to the website so they can view for themselves.

Motion 2: Below are 16 domain registrations due to expire 6/21/2012. None of these are in use, but we're holding their registrations to prevent others from using them. To renew all sixteen domains for another 2 years will run around $435 if I get a discount (likely if I start watching for such a discount). They are also all currently set for "auto-renew", which means unless I indicate otherwise, that they will renew onto the WSO credit card on that date -- probably with no discount. For those we want to retain, it's best not to wait

Discussion: Omer expanded on the reasonableness of this motion, stating that it is standard practice for many companies to do this. Scott simplified his motion to read: Renewal of the 16 domain names due to expire 6/21/12 for the next two-year period. No second was received and the motion was tabled until next month.

Motion 3: Motion to approve $520 for legal fees to file the title, unbound draft, and description of Twelve Steps of Adult Children (Yellow Workbook – English) and Yellow Workbook (Danish translation) with the Library of Congress. Omer G. -Translations coordinator

Jeneane seconded Omer’s motion and vote showed the motion carried.

ANNOUNCEMENTS/REMINDERS: The 2012 ABC in Long Beach, CA on April 27, 28, & 29, 2012 at the Seaport Marina Hotel.

Guests Comments: Karen, TN: expressed her thanks to the board and is going to the ABC. She has a trifold to submit for review and, hopefully, approval by the board, which her group uses in Tennessee. Kelso, and ACA member and web developer, introduced himself and stated he is going to volunteer to work with Scott on Internet issues. Peter, NJ, introduced himself. Patrick, FL, asked about upcoming conventions other than the ABC. Phyllis directed him to the Events portion of the website and Scott told him the three items listed on that site at this time. Mona, Chicago, greeted the board. Omer asked her to consider joining the board in the future and outlined the requirements for board membership.

Respectfully submitted by Joan B., Board Secretary, Wisconsin

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