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2012 Annual Business Conference Minutes

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 11:29 AM


Long Beach, CA. April 27, 28, 29, 2012

Friday, April 27

5:30 p.m. Opening: Meet & Greet opened the 2012 ABC at the Seaport Marina Hotel, Long Beach, California.
Packets and name tags were distributed informally.

The Serenity Prayer was said.

Phyllis R. welcomed all and reported a change in the Agenda for Saturday: Office tour at 10:00 a.m. rather than 3:00 p.m. and also, Omer G’s presentation on ACA so far was moved from Friday night 8:00 p.m. to Saturday, approximately 2:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.
Tradition One was read.
Scott R. was elected Chair of the 2012 ABC
Board members and committee chairs present were introduced.
Board members present: George S., GA; Scott R., AZ; Larry A., NY; Anja H., Denmark; Joan B., WI.
Committee Chairs present: Phyllis R., AZ, Outreach and 2012 ABC; Omer G., OK, Handbook & Translations; DiAnne A., CA, Office/Warehouse.

Introduction of guests present from: Anaheim, Long Beach, Torrance, CA.; Washington; Illinois; Maryland; Oregon; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK; Tennessee; Norway (Polish language group); Denmark; and the United Kingdom

6:30 p.m.: Martin, UK, lead the ACA meeting with the topic: What has ACA recovery meant to you?.

Meeting adjourned about 7:45.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

9:00 a.m.-Opening: Serenity Prayer

Keynote Address by: George S., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ACA WSO<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">

ACA delegates from Denmark, England, Norway, and the USA attended the Annual Business Conference (ABC). There were a total of 15 voting delegates and about 30 people in attendance.

Brief reports were given by the Committee chairs, followed by questions. Copies of the reports were in each packet
Reports given: Jeneane, Treasurer’s report; Scott, Webmaster; Joan, Hospitals and Institutions (H & I).
Joan mentioned needing help on the H & I committee, especially in the future. She mentioned the bimonthly call using the teleconference line at 8:00 p.m. CDT, where she and George, committee member, discuss ideas and progress.

9:45-11:15 - Break for office tour. All present were invited to carpool to the office/warehouse in Signal Hill.

11:20 – Reports were continued: Larry A, Literature. He mentioned seeking native language speakers from the Pacific Islands, Mid-East, and Africa to assist in translating some of the literature into those languages. Scott reported on activities at the office, noting the updated ordering system, Shopping Cart, etc. George reported awaiting three scenarios from DiAnne for warehouse storage, reminding those present that there is much room to go up with storage, vertical room is plenty for shelving. Omer G., Handbook/Translations. He pointed out the various workbooks and fellowship text on display in other languages besides English. George, Audio book. He reported considering attempting to do the audio book as he has the facility necessary. He suggests using varied voices for shares. Another source is Able, in Milwaukee, a nonprofit who he has spoken to about audio book production.

12:00 Lunch break

1:00 – Reports continued: Phyllis, Outreach. She also passed around a signup sheet, for those wishing to do so, to list their first name and email address. Later she will send the list to all those on it.

1:30 – Omer G Presentation Re-emergence of ACA (ACoA) Fellowship
- ACA among the top 10, Twelve Step Fellowships
- ACA is a worldwide fellowship with various pieces of literature translated into Finnish, Danish, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, German, Hungarian, Chinese, and other languages.
- The 2002 ABC had three people there. 70% of the meetings were gone and there was $200 in the bank, this showed the results of the decline in the 1990’s.
- 2006 Fellowship Text (Big Red Book) published, 2007 the 12-Step Yellow Workbook was published.
Omer continued to enlighten the group on all important facts regarding the 1990’s decline and recovery of the fellowship. Since the publication of the ACA Fellowship Text (red book) in 2006, more than 600 new ACA groups have been established and we reopened our World Service Office in 2009. Our annual gross revenues are $300,000.

Omer was presented with a token of the board’s appreciation for all his assistance to the board and his quickness to step up and share his knowledge on the fellowship, its Steps, its Traditions, and its Concepts.


Proposals Group Conscience Survey Ballots were discussed and voted on by the delegates:

#1: Lithuanian’s requesting publication of two key pamphlets into their language to help address the need for public outreach and the issue of sponsorship and group attendance.

Discussion: indicated support for translating the requested and suggested pamphlets to assist the Lithuanians. Information was shared by delegates on the various ways groups can get the information out, including “meet outs”, where different groups gather and have their information present regarding meeting times, dates, etc.; and a centralized meeting list on the Internet.

Of the 15 voting delegates, 14 voted Aye to translate ACA is… and Sponsorship: Fellow Traveler into the Lithuanian language.
Omer will follow-up with the Lithuanians.

#2: Copyright the name “Adult Children of Alcoholics” to protect the content published and associated with our fellowship.

Discussion: Larry explained that trademark protected words and a copyright protects content. Some delegates felt it important to protect this name, others felt just that name alone did not protect the “dysfunctional families” which are included in our fellowship. Others did not think the argument presented for the motion was appropriate to the motion.

Vote: To use a copyright attorney, spending approximately $450 to conduct a preliminary assessment on the feasibility of trademarking the Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families. Ayes, 9; Noes, 4; Abstained, 2.

#3: Change the online auto order form to include the other literature available from Adult Children of Alcoholics. The split order format is a hardship as it divides the shipping cost for the literature orders for the groups.

Discussion: No action needed as the Shopping Cart has recently been implemented and solves the problem mentioned in this proposal.

#10: ACA WSO should explore having a blanket insurance policy that a meeting could purchase insurance under if the desire to purchase insurance.

Discussion: Omer pointed out the argument in favor of this proposal doesn’t fit the proposal. Also, such an action would put too much liability on WSO and remove the autonomy of each group, and groups are not subsidiaries. George mentioned maybe it is something Intergroups could provide. Karen suggested maybe WSO could gather a listing of insurance companies to use by the groups. Scott indicated that is not a problem for the WSO to solve. Martin concurred, saying getting insurance should be left to the groups and intergroups. Bob asked how a group could go about getting insurance when it is not an entity like the WSO is. No answer was given.

Vote: Ayes, 0; Nays, 14; Abstain, 1.

Literature committee chair, Larry, handed out two drafts of proposed pamphlets to be considered during the coming year by the fellowship. One was on Cross Talk, the other was Taking a Group Inventory.

Group discussion on Cross Talk indicated approval of the pamphlet by those present and a vote was taken to submit to the fellowship this year with possible presentation as a proposal to the 2013 ABC to publish and sell it. Vote: Ayes, 15.

Group discussion on Taking a Group Inventory indicated that this was a motion submitted and passed in 2010. Jesper suggested the pamphlet include shares also. Vote: Unanimous to submit to the fellowship for review and submit to the WSO for approval in 2013.

4:15: Closed conference for the day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

9:05 Opened with the Serenity Prayer

Ratification of the current board: Phyllis moved and Allen seconded ratification of the current board members, George, Scott, Jeneane, Anja, Larry, and Joan. Unanimous vote to ratify.

Nomination of new board members: Qualifiers for board membership are Karen R. from Tennessee, and Mary Jo from Chicago.

Omer outlined the qualifications for membership on the board, then Karen and MaryJo spoke briefly on the nomination. MaryJo declined current board membership due to the many responsibilities she already has, including getting the West Great Lakes Intergroup up and running. Karen accepted the offer for nomination. Martin moved and Robin seconded the nomination of Karen as a new board member. Karen was unanimously approved by both the current board members and the delegates to the conference as a new board member.

Delegates were given an opportunity to say what they were taking back home with them from the 2012 ABC. Many encouraging comments made regarding the function of the WSO board and the delegate process.

The 2013 ABC will be held the weekend of April 26, 27, 28, 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Scott reminded the delegates present to keep the Intergroup and meeting contact information updated so the online lists are accurate for those looking for meetings.

Larry motioned for the close of the 2012 ABC at 10:35 a.m.; George seconded the motion. Unanimous vote to close the ABC.

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