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May 2012 Teleconference Minutes

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 05:21 PM


May 12, 2012; 1:00 P.M. - 2:55 P.M. CDT

Opened with Serenity Prayer

Roll Call:

1. Board members present: George S., Chair; Scott R., Vice-Chair; Jeneane S., Treasurer; Joan B., Secretary; Larry A., Karen R.

2. A quorum established. Yes.

3. Committee Chairs: Phyllis R., Omer G., DiAnne A., George S., Scott R., Joan B., Larry A.

4. Introduction of guests: Jessie P., Los Angeles; Rob, Las Vegas; Mary Jo, Chicago; Mona, Chicago; Bo, NY; LeAnne S., FL.

George commented on the wonderful time had at the ABC in California and said he was encouraged by the number of members of the fellowship who attended.

Scott moved and Jeneane seconded approval of the April 2012 ACA/WSO Teleconference minutes. Minutes were approved.

Monthly Reports:

1. ACA/WSO Treasurer: Jeneane S. Total income for April 2012 was $28,498.97. $15,605.91 was red book sales, $6,663.92 was workbook sales, and the remaining income was the sale of medallions and other literature-related itesm. 7th Tradition donations were down slightly, with a total of $2,925.35 received during the month. There is currently $750 in reserve for future legal and audit needs that may arise.

2. Outreach: Phyllis R. Outreach emails were up this last month to 278. The usual requests were for meetings, sponsors, how to recolve problems, etc. Phyllis has asked Karen, the new committee member, to assist her on the Outreach Committee. Karen has agreed to serve on this committee.

3. ABC 2012 Report: Phyllis R. She reported on the success of the 2012 ABC held in Long Beach, CA. Those she heard from that attended enjoyed the days spent there.

4. Literature Report: Larry A. He reported having a great time at the ABC and mentioned to the two pamphlets he distributed for review to the fellowship and those in attendance at the ABC. Larry also reported that a sample of the ebook should be received in about one month or so. He will have Karen’s pamphlet to the board also in the next month for viewing by the board.

5. WSO Officer Report: DiAnne A. – DiAnne reported being pleased to have met the board members at the ABC and passed along the other office/warehouse staffs greetings and thanks for coming to see the office/warehouse. She reported an incredible increase in shipments of literature, particularly ACA is and 25 Questions. New meeting packets also increased sales in April, reaching 42, whereas in years past about 15 were sold per month. She attributes some of the increased sales to the fact that the items for sale are now visible on the website prior to ordering.

6. Hospitals and Institutions: Joan B.Joan reported she, George S., and Ken, a new member to the committee, spoke on the teleconference line on May 3. This call focused on filling Ken in more on what has been done to date, and included discussion about getting the ACA materials into Hospitals/Treatment centers. Ken was going to draw up a letter of introduction for the treatment centers for possible use. He is aware that the board must review the letter prior to its use. The next H & I Conference call is scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 8:00 p.m. CDT.

7. Website/Database: Scott R. He reported the registered meetings list continues to grow. Scott is seeking input from the board on paper literature order forms. Further information is contained in Scott’s written report.

8. Handbook/Translations: Omer G. Omer talked about copyright filings, the 10th printing of the Big Red Book, and the next project of the final review of the Danish BRB. He also mentioned that the 9th printing of the Yellow workbook would probably be done in a few months.

9. Executive Committee Report: Scott and Joan gave reports on the activities of this committee this past month: Approved Kelso, volunteer ACA member, for password access to assist Scott in his work on the database. Also, a pay rate increase was approved for DiAnne.

10. Audio Book Committee Report: George S. George mentioned that Rob V. made an audio of the Big Red Book (BRB) using a production company in California and offered it to the ACA/WSO Board for their use. George and Omer contacted Rob regarding copyright infringement. Rob expressed great enthusiasm for ACA and the message in the BRB and agreed to sign necessary releases to give the WSO full ownership of the audio. Rob spoke to the teleconference then, reported that the book was recorded word-for-word and wants all board members to have a copy for review. This was his intent. He reported the audio is about 92 hours and in a MP3 format as well as a CD format.

Old Business: Item 1: Larry said two pamphlets and one trifold are to be circulated to the fellowships for comments. He would like to solicit additional shares for each of the pamphlets. A PDF of these is available on the ABC web page for review. Larry asked if they could also be inserted into the ComLine when it is distributed. Scott said that the database would need to be checked to see how many meetings do not have an email contact and those would need a hard copy to send.

(2) ComLine Publication and (3) Bequest Issue, were tabled until the next Teleconference (TC) in June.

New Business items:


Motion1:.to allocate up to $450 for legal fees to determine the feasibility of trade marking the Adult Children of Alcoholics name or similar designation, i.e., Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families. (Omer).
Discussion: Omer reported that he spoke to Shawn, the ACA/WSO Attorney, and he said it is possible to file directly with the Patent and Trademark office, which would then have them automatically do the search. This would cost about $900, but would save about $450 because the step of having Shawn do the feasibility study first would not be done.

Amended Motion 1: Scott: to allocate $900 for the trade marking search/feasibility study to go directly to the Patent and Trademark Office for them to do the search. Karen seconded the motion. Unanimous approval as amended.

GUESTS COMMENTS: Allan, OK., was present. Mary Jo expressed her thanks and said the ABC was wonderful. Mona asked a question about the literature in the Shopping Cart, that she doesn’t see the discount and asked if the discount was still available. Scott said the discount is now if 20 or more pieces are ordered, no longer a discount at 10 ordered. Martin, UK., said he is helping Anja do the monthly European Report in the future. This is a new report for the TC. LeAnn of Fl., expressed her thanks to the board and said she is semi-retired now and could help out with the fellowship now.

Meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.

The next teleconference will be June 9, 2012

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