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February 2012 Teleconference Minutes

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Posted 20 July 2012 - 11:25 AM


Opened with Serenity Prayer

Roll Call:

1. Board members present: George S., Chair; Scott R., Vice-Chair; Jeneane S., Treasurer; Joan B., Secretary; Larry A.

2. A quorum established. Yes.

3. Committee Chairs: Phyllis R., Omer G., DiAnne A., Joan B., George S., Scott

4. Introduction of guests: Mona, Chicago; Susan, NY; Ann, NY; Karen, TN; Leann, FL.

Scott moved and Jeneane seconded approval of the January 2012 ACA/WSO Teleconference minutes.

The Board proceeded to the Motions due to Jeneane S, Board Member and Treasurer, being unable to stay through the entire meeting.


Motion1: That the ACA WSO take ownership of domain names listed here to protect the ACA name and for future possible use by the Board. (Omer G.)

Discussion: Jeneane disagreed with the motion as stated. After much discussion, in which it was noted that only the ACA logo is trademarked and there is an anti-dilution law in effect to give us some protection, a new motion was given: to hold off action on the domain names owned by the Fellowship until the ABC in April, where it will be further discussed. The domain names Omer owns will be combined for now with the others the ACA Board owns through GoDaddy. Later discussion will determine which domain names to renew ownership of. Jeneane seconded this new motion, which had unanimous approval.

Motion 2: To have a Legal Consultant to ensure non-profit/exempt organization compliance. (Larry A.)

Discussion: No Second on this motion. Lack of discussion. Motion dropped.

Motion 3: Board consideration of budgeting $250 a month to raise the funds ($15,000) for an audit once every 5 or 10 years. (Larry A.)

Discussion: Scott suggested continuing with compilations as currently using. Discussion indicated most Board members felt this was a good idea to budget the funds for an audit. A Friendly Amendment was given, that this be a legal or accounting audit. Jeneane seconded the motion, George, Joan, and Larry voted in the affirmative, and Scott abstained. The motion carried.

Monthly Reports:

1. ACA/WSO Treasurer: Jeneane S. Jeneane reported total income being up significantly in January 2012, for a total of $39,389.99. $22, 558.45 was in Big Red Book sales, $9191.50 in Workbook sales, and the balance of income from medallions and other literature, etc. 7th Tradition income was $3725.51 for the month of January.

2. Outreach: Phyllis R. Phyllis reported more meeting requests in January and a request from a Spanish-speaking man for 20 Big Red Books in Spanish by the end of the month. She also reported a contact from someone in Hungary, again indicating the world-wide reach of ACA.

3. Literature Report: Larry A. Larry reported the AA ebook is unsatisfactory to some of their customers, which is a format ACA has been checking into to use. He reported the ebook is not as good on Ipad but may be different on Kindle. He thought waiting awhile for doing the ACA material in that same format was a good idea. He mentioned making a motion in March regarding continuing on with the ebook, but it was tabled for now until more details are available on what works best, the associated costs, and the security.

4. WSO Office Report: DiAnne A. – DiAnne reported February sales moving at a faster pace than January: workbook orders are up 40% and everything is up 30 to 40% across the board. She reported letting one probationary employee go as that person was not a fit for the work. She said they need two more people, one to replace Valentina and one to replace the trainee who was let go. Larry suggested putting a notice in ComLine that the office needed volunteers at the office in Signal Hill.

5. Hospitals and Institutions: Joan B. – Joan reported sending materials (a Big Red Book, Step Workbook, and two tri-folds: ACA is… and 25 Questions) to an individual in Portland, Oregon who is trying to establish an ACA meeting in the prison facility there. A Fellowship text and those same two tri-folds were also forwarded to a correctional facility in Oregon, Wisconsin.

6. Website/Database: Scott R. –Scott indicated that the motions for the ABC being held at the end of April need to be sent out to the fellowship via email and postal mail. He said the Shopping Cart ordering program he is setting up for ordering ACA materials online is coming along. He is nearly ready to test the system, which will allow for paying for orders with a credit card. He expects this new system to go live in March, or whenever the office is ready. He and Phyllis, Outreach chair, are making a trip to the office in Signal Hill the 27th of February. He mentioned that there is a T-Hub that may need to be purchased for $600 that he will need but that he will try to work without it for now.

7. Handbook/Translations Committee, Omer G..-. Omer reported the Big Red Book is on its way to Finland. It is the first translation into a non-English language to be shipped overseas. The Danish translation and design is ready to be printed. Robin is designing the Spanish Yellow Workbook and it is nearly ready to print. Additional translations are of the Identity Papers and New Comer pamphlets into Polish and Russian, and the Big Red Book into Hungarian.

8. Executive Committee Report. One new person was hired at the Signal Hill office and Scott reported approval of an additional $150 to continue work on the Shopping Cart program. He reported more may be needed for the Shopping Cart program, and he will keep the board members apprised.

Old Business:

New Business items: Shown below, these items were tabled until the March Teleconference due to a lack of time.

Item 1: Discuss the duties of the Executive Committee: Below are the executive committee duties from the OPPM. Essentially, the Executive Committee has all the powers of the full board except for the listed items below. The full board can revoke any action of the executive committee with a majority vote. But, my opinion (Omer G) is that the Executive Committee is working well and within its defined duties. I see the current Executive Committee keeping the board informed of actions and reports them to the full board. (Omer)

Item 2: Should the Board establish a policy for the future to require a signature for all shipped orders over a certain amount (say $100)?

Anne from Tarrytown, NY had questions regarding a meeting in her locale. Leanne from Florida mentioned the three-day convention being held in her area in June with AA, Al-Anon, and ACA putting it on. She reported the meeting attendance in her area is tremendous. Karen mentioned a brochure that a member made up and has many ACA features on it. She will bring it to the ABC in California in April and indicated she wanted to hand it out in her area. MaryJo from the Chicago/Milwaukee Intergroup was also on the conference call. Mona of the Chicago Intergroup reported timely delivery of her recent book order.

Meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.

The next teleconference will be: March 10, 2012
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